Your products contain sugar alcohols; does this make them laxative?

Yes, excessive consumption can have laxative effects. The degree of sensitivity to this differs from person to person. We recommend a daily intake of no more than one to two bags.

Pandy is sugar-free but contains carbohydrates; where do they come from?

Carbohydrates come from polyols. Polyols account for only 2.4kcal/g, which makes these carbohydrates a calorie-smart option compared to other types of carbohydrate.

Are your products milk-, gluten-, soya- and nut-free?

Pandy is totally free from allergens.

Can you eat these products if you are vegan?

Our candy contains gelatine and is therefore unsuitable for strict vegans.

What sort of gelatine do you use?

We use pig-based gelatine.

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